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www.UltimateBangla.com (Ultimate Bangla Mp3 Service) requires that users follow it's terms and conditions. Terms & Conditions are a set of rules that users should follow. These rules can be changed, modified, deleted and new rules can be added without prior notice to users. UltimateBangla.com possesses sole rights to these rules.

  • User should not open multiple user accounts.
  • User should not upload duplicate, incomplete, corrupted, invalid or junk files.
  • This site can not be held responsible if download credit has not been used and site goes offline for any period of time.
  • User Home folder is only for user uploads. It can not be used as publicly shared folder.
  • User uploading new songs should have permission to have digital copy of the file and share.
  • In forum do not use foul language, honor others comments and no spamming.
  • Publishing or sharing the content of this site without consent/permissions is not allowed.
  • Hard linking to any page, other than home page, is not permissible.

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