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UltimateBangla.Com :: Ultimate Place For Online Bangla music
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. How can I download Bangla mp3 song?
Ans: You can download Bangla MP3 from our ftp server. You need to be a member first.

Q2. What is FTP?
File Transfer Protocol - In simple word FTP allows transferring file from server to client computer or vise versa. It is similar to HTML(Web) downloading. FTP is just plain file download/upload service without any graphics like in HTML/Web.

Q3. How can I Access Bangla MP3 FTP service?
FTP download/upload is as easy as copying files from one folder to another folder. In FTP you will be downloading songs from our computer to your computer. All you need is just to open an account to log in. After you have created and activated your account you can use any FTP Client software to download Bangla songs. There are several FTP client software like WS_FTP, Bullet Proof Ftp, Cute Ftp etc. You can also use Internet Explorer to access Bangla MP3 FTP Server and Download/Upload Bangla songs.

Q4. What does "Activate Your Account" means? Why?
We send an email to your email address that you give when you register for our www.UltimateBangla.com web site. That email contains a special link that you have to click to "Activate" your account. Activating proves you have a valid eMail that we can contact you with. We do not send any junk mail, we do not give out your eMail to anyone. In case of severe Server setting changes or change in rules etc we may send an eMail to update you. Most of all, in case you are having trouble accessing/logging in/downloading/uploading we can contact you using your eMail. Remember, you must have to Activate your account from our Activation eMail - there is no other way around. So, do not waste time putting Invalid/Non Existing/Not Enough Space/Suspended eMail address where you will not get the eMail.

Q5. I did enter a Valid eMail but did not receive any "Activation eMail" ?
Ans: Make sure you check your Junk/Spam/Bulk mail folder. Depending on your filter settings, our eMail may end up in one of those folder. If your email account did not have enough space then our email did not reach you. If you used an Yahoo, Hoitmail or other free email address that you did not logged in for last three months, then that might be a suspended eMail. Our email does not reach a Suspended account.

Q6. How can I Log In from this website to access Bangla Mp3 Ftp Service?
Open the main page:- http://www.UltimateBangla.com, then put your UserName + Password and click Log In button. First time you log in, it will show a SECURITY WARNING window (View Pic). Select 'Always trust contents from JSCAPE L.L.C. And click 'YES'. This permission allows the Java Applet to access Bangla Mp3 Ftp Service. It may take up to 2 minutes for that warning to show up, for the first time only. Remember, if you click NO, Java Applet will fail to work and you will not be able to access Bangla Mp3 Ftp Service using our web site. You can try Log In again and select YES next time.

Q7. How can I upload and download Bangla songs from this website?
After logging in from our website you will see two panels. Left panel will show Folders/Files of your computer. On the right panel you will see your Home directory in our computer. This is the place where you will upload your songs (View Pic). You will also see another folder, 'BanglaMp3'. That's where all the songs are for you to download. You can browse through all the folders and download Bangla MP3 songs. But you can upload only in your Home folder. Inside each folder there will be a link 'Upload'. If you click that 'Upload' link, you are back in your home folder. If you want to download/upload songs, select the song from one panel then click '<<' or '>>' button to start transfer to the other panel. If you are uploading several songs of same singer or same album, you should create a new folder by the name of the singer or album. Use 'MkDir' button to create new folder. Any file you upload make sure it has Song & Artist name in file name, like Bappa - Canvas.mp3. You can also include more info in the Mp3 tag before you upload. These information helps us to sort the songs.

Q8. I downloaded few songs, then I can't. A message shows, "An Error Occurred While Copying The File". What's wrong?
Nothing is wrong. Your quota for downloading songs may have finished. You need to upload songs to get more songs. For each song you upload, you can download ten songs from the server. It is called Upload Download Ratio. All new users get 50 songs for free initially. After that they have to upload songs to get MP3 files from the server. For each uploaded song user gets credit for 20 songs.

Q9. Why is ratio?
Ratio system protects this service from abuse, no one can start unlimited download which can cause lower performance for other users. Since everybody needs to upload, we all can get newer songs.

Q10. Do I have to upload after I have used all my download credits?
No. You can upload anytime and keep building up your credit while you are also downloading.

Q11. Why I can not upload files to Bangla MP3 Ftp Server?
Uploading is similar to the download. But you have to upload only in the UPLOAD directory in the FTP server. Users are allowed to upload only music files. For each uploaded file user gets 10 credits for downloading songs.

Only Music files with extension .MP3, .WAV & .WMA are allowed for uploading. You can not upload any other type of files. Try to upload quality music

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